Erica R. Williams 

Inventor / CEO

The very idea of The Perfect Pillowcase came from a place of necessity.  In 2017, I decided to get rid of my perm and go natural. During my transitioning, I noticed that I really needed to protect my hair by wrapping it at night or else it was going to break off. I’ve always wrapped my hair at night even with a perm but during my transition, it is a must! First, I got a scarf but every night it would fall off. Then I got a bonnet and it would leave a crease around my forehead that would give me a headache.  I also tried the caps and it was either too tight, too loose or too hot! Lastly, I purchased an ordinary satin pillowcase. Every night it would slip off my bed and I would find my pillow on the floor every morning leaving my hair unprotected.

One day I noticed that I was losing the hair around the edges of my head and I became increasingly nervous. I sat down and thought of all the qualities that I needed in one product to make my transitioning experience better. First, 100% Protection; Second, 100% Dependability; Third, 100% Comfortability; Fourth, 100% Stylish.  Introducing, The Perfect Pillowcase!!! “Don’t Wrap Your Head Wrap Your Bed!”


This New Pillowcase Design wraps your bed with 100% Bridal Satin from one side to the other, giving you 100% protection and dependability all night long! The Perfect Pillowcase gives you complete freedom by allowing you to #GoScarfles and is both stylish and protective. Available in 16 different colors! The Perfect Pillowcase makes your bed look like it's right off the pages of a magazine, while creating the mood of intimacy! This makes The Perfect Pillowcase so much more than just a pillowcase!

The Perfect Pillowcase is a 100% satin tailor-made bedding accessory that fits over your bed like a fitted sheet! Patent Pending# 62/602,889.